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During Frome Festival, Home in Frome ran a Pop-Up Shop...

Pop-Up Shop and the ShopTalk project, 2011


Shop Talk recorded the memories of shop-keepers in Frome. Visitors to our Pop-Up Shop could pick up an MP3 player, take a leisurely stroll round town and listen as the shop-keepers tell their stories. Stories from the days when townspeople kept pigs in their gardens or when eggs were auctioned off singly in the market square.


The shop was a hub of activity during the 2011 Frome Festival with an exciting photographic exhibition, a return of the Home cinema showing short films of what it's like living in Frome, and much more.  


Visitors could come along to the shop and tell us their own stories about working life in Frome. The Home in Frome shop on the high pavement from Catherine Hill, was open from 10am till 4 each day of the festival.

FromeTV created a brilliant film about Home in Frome (focussing on ShopTalk) called “Remembering the past, preserving the community.”Hosting/embedding licence applied for - pending reply.