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down street exceelntly

Onlookers were reminded of something they’d unconsciously been missing for years. Their delight at having it returned to them was tangible. Life can still be mysterious and fun when local imagination is set free to dance in the street...


"Lanterns" Frome Carnival project 2010

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Lantern making workshops, run by artists Mel Day and Fiona Quinn, attracted many families who enjoyed working together on their own designs.

Annabelle Macfadyen

 Lantern project coordinator

The Moving Home Carnival Project involved well over a hundred local people in creating a human powered float and lantern procession for the annual Frome Carnival 2010.

There was genuine delight as the Home float passed crowds of over 20,000, and they watched the antics of the shadow puppets and saw smoke rising from the chimney. People recognised the house as a replica of those on Randolph Road and Singers Knoll where some of them used to live.

The Carnival Project was a great success bringing people together in creating and taking part in an enjoyable, meaningful and magical celebration of Home in Frome.

Download full Carnival project 2010 report

Moving Home - "Lanterns" - Frome Carnival Project (2010) THE MOVIE!