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We aimed to continue the project beyond 2010 if we could.

One of our objectives was to develop an understanding that today becomes tomorrow's history...

MOVING HOME overview

Home in Frome's first project, 2009-10

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The Moving Home project went on to involve many other areas of creativity. Use the links below to explore them:

In 2010 Home in Frome came into being, inspired by Robert Golden's exhibition 'Home', which had been mounted at the Silk Mill Gallery.  We talked to residents about their memories of the way life in Frome had changed and began to record their experiences.


In particular, residents of the Singers Knoll and Randolph Road community had undergone very dramatic changes with the demolition and redevelopment of their area.


Some of these accounts featured in the 'Moving Home' exhibition which was a part of the Frome Festival in July 2010. Visitors were encouraged to add their own memories, perhaps in the form of an object or a photograph.

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