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To download a document, simply click on it's name. If you have problems downloading a doc for some reason (probably because we messed up!),  just drop us a line and we'll email it to you.

Meeting Minutes



Other documents

OLDER MINUTES Moving Home Evaluation Report 2011 "Big Heads" Project Review 2011 Moving Home Carnival Report 2010 ShopTalk 2010 press release Graffiti Event 2010 press release

This page contain a list of documents related to our group, which you can download to your own computer.

AGM Minutes May 2014 AGM Minutes May 2013 AGM Minutes Dec 2012 AGM Minutes Nov 2011 AGM Minutes Nov 2010 AGM Minutes Nov 2009 HIF Minutes Jan 2015 HIF Mins Jan 2015 (2) HiF Minutes Feb 2015 HiF Minutes March 2015 HiF Minutes April 2015 Home in Frome Constitution Moving Home eval appendices