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25 fabulous, illuminated "Big Heads" were created for Frome Carnival in September 2011.

More than 100 people took part in free workshops at local venues in the months leading up to the big night. 


The Home in Frome Carnival project 2011

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‘It’s a wonderful opportunity for us - we never manage to make a float ourselves but we’ve always wanted to be part of the carnival’


Feedback from one of 100 participants

Download full "Big Heads" project review

Big Heads of Frome

- The Movie

Home in Frome Carnival Project (2011)

Behold the spectacle of 25 fabulous "Big Heads" on Carnival night.

The idea was to make a Big Head from wood and tissue paper. The head was to be that of a Frome person - a friend, relation, a famous (or not so famous) local character or even one representing a local organisation.


Many of those who took part were family groups. There were also people from such local organisations as Open Storytellers, Sustainable Frome and Flourish Homes.


Our workshops offered skills, materials and support for all to develop their ideas with guidance from lead artist Mel Day.